Handwoven Rugs

Go for a stylish floor covering that’s a real treat for your eyes and toes and make an amazing impression with one of our authentic Afghan or Moroccan rugs. From vibrant Kilim rugs to minimal Beni Ourain weaves, all our carpets are handmade of high-quality materials by skilled Afghan and Moroccan artisans that will fit your modern or traditional home perfectly. 

Do you enjoy rugs from truly rural settings? Then you will appreciate Beni Ourain rugsA Beni Ourain rug is a great way to add interest, warmth and softness to any minimalist space. They are hand woven by Berber tribes from the Middle Atlas mountains and have this dark brown diamond patterns.
Do you feel like your space needs more texture? Then opt for a colorful Kilim, Azilal, Boujad or Boucherouite rug. Do you wish to retain your minimalist vibe with geometric patterns? Our geometric rugs fuse together abstract lines and shapes, vibrant colors and classic patterns that give your home a contemporary edge without being overpowering. 
As all rugs are handmade new or vintage some of them can have little imperfections; these however distinguish the authentic rugs from the cheaper, perfectly woven copies. 

Each rug has been carefully selected by us and we've only chosen rugs that we love ourselves :-)