Beni Ourain Rug with Berber Signs
Beni ourain rug berber signs
Cosmopolitan Beni Ourain Rug
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Cosmopolitan Beni Ourain Rug

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    With its beautiful and simple geometric designs, neutral colorways and a deep, soft pile Beni Ourain rugs are considered the most prestigious of the Berber rugs. The whole carpet is woven from 100% organic and undyed sheep wool by women in and around the village of Beni Ouarain in the Atlas Mountains. 

    This minimalist & luxurious high pile rug is incredible soft under foot. Its fine Berber signs in beige color gives this Cosmopolitan Beni Ouarain rug a very unique and luxury look and will add an instant dose of bohemian chic to any type of home, from minimalist, to modern, to classic or vintage.

    Its little imperfections distinguish the authentic Beni Ourain carpets from the cheaper, perfectly woven copies. Opposed to machine-made and mass manufactured rugs, a genuine handmade Beni Ourain rug will have subtly uneven knots on the back. The wool used for the rugs is live wool, shorn from a specific breed of Berber sheep while it's still alive as opposed to wool taken from a sheepskin. Live wool is said to be softer as it stills contains the oils from the sheep's skin. And so the color of the wool should be cream or off-white, and not a bright white, which indicates bleached wool or artificial blends. 

    Size: 2,30m x 1,50m

    Material: 100% organic wool & 100% undyed

    Weave: Hand-knotted / Hand woven. A substantial rug which if properly taken care of will last through many years of use.

    Origin: Morocco, Middle Atlas Mountains

    Cleaning instructions: Spot clean with a dry cloth or vacuum. Trim loose ends. Avoid water and direct sunlight. 

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