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Chasing Butterflies Boucherouite Rug
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Chasing Butterflies Boucherouite Rug

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    Weaving colorful memories. The joy of color, lyrical abstractions and authentic value of this bright and cheery Chasing Butterflies Boucherouite rug will bring 'life', color and warmth to your contemporary home. 

    Boucherouite rugs are a traditional Moroccan handicraft that has long been practiced by Berber women in the villages of the Atlas mountains. Fine strips of cotton and synthetic fabric sourced from recycled clothing and textiles are hand knotted on looms. This weaving method makes these colorful and contemporary looking Moroccan “rag rugs” as economical as they are artistic.

    Each carpet is unique to the women who creates it, and is woven with meaning and symbolism. If we look at the geometrical signs, the diamond stands for fertilization, square or rectangle for the house or field, zigzag or lines for the community of men or the river. 

    Size: 1,80m x 1,15m

    Material: 100% recycled cotton, nylon and wool

    Weave: Hand-knotted / Hand woven. A substantial rug which if properly taken care of will last through many years of use. 

    Origin: Morocco, Atlas Mountains

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